Therapy Types for Depression, Anxiety

Treatment Programs

Compass Recovery provides therapy for depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Compass Recovery is a highly sought-after treatment facility and our comprehensive clinical program provides the safety and expertise for our clients to uncover the true underlying issues concerning their addiction. It is a combination and multi-faceted clinical model that holds space for the healing that each of our clients go through, resulting in our clients' return to their true and substance-free lives.

We also pride ourselves in our ability to direct our clients to their true passions. We prepare our clients for lifelong success and we want that success to be filled with happiness and purpose. We conduct our treatment program all over Orange County and Southern California, conducting psycho-education beachside one day, to mindfulness and family systems education in the woods the next. This results in a cohesive delivery of pertinent recovery tools and skill sets in a real world and exciting environment leaving our clients feeling fulfilled and purposeful. One of the most integral parts of participating in treatment is remaining in the process as long as possible, and we are successful in providing the best environment for that to occur.

Movement has been scientifically proven to aid in memory processing and increase brain function. It also releases hormones and endorphins that increase healing of brain cells. Our clients reap the benefits of these processes because our treatment lessons and groups are done through experiential therapy and movement, all centered on recovery and developing each client’s passion. Movement and activity support the cognitive understanding of what we teach at Compass Recovery.

Clients learn that they can shift their emotional states through skills and will experience many different stimuli throughout a single day. What they learn while in treatment can be implemented in whatever life they create after their treatment is completed; fully prepared for life, and healed completely.




An experiential form of action method therapy where clients process in a safe, clinical environment unresolved issues of abuse, neglect and abandonment that interfere with their recovery. Clients re-enact specific scenes from their past, current conflicts or future apprehensions that can sabotage their stability and sobriety. The goal is to gain new insights, resolve problems, and practice new healthier life skills and behaviors.



We understand that substance abuse can be a result of painful life experiences. Post-traumatic stress is the psychological reaction to a severely stressful and physically threatening event that often results in anxiety, irritability, phobias, flashbacks, sleep disturbances, and depression. These symptoms can last for years and we are here to help. 



Through the use of universal symbols and metaphors, the unconscious is brought forth to conscious awareness to dis-identify with all that is not the self and allow one to connect with their true identity.



Enables our clients to look at new possibilities, reevaluate their personal strengths and how to apply those strengths in relating to others and the world around them. This gives the opportunity to seize the beautiful life they have created with solidarity of inner peace for lasting wellness.

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