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State Licensed Drug Detox in Orange County, CA

Detox Your Body and Mind

Undergoing a drug or alcohol detox is the first phase of lasting recovery. Medically assisted treatment may be recommended for clients that are detoxing from a substance use disorder. At Compass Recovery, we are nationally accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the state of California to provide IMS detox for clients as appropriate.

Within the first week, you will work side by side with our counselors, psychiatrists, and specialists to assure that your detox goes smoothly and that you are 100% safe. We have a 27/7 nursing staff to give you around-the-clock care. We provide state-licensed detox and are credentialed through ASAM.

Our Personalized Detox Program

Detox allows your body to become free and cleansed of drugs and alcohol. Going through this “cleansing” process will enable you to stabilize through any withdrawal or side effects that you may experience. Incidental medical services, or IMS, allows us to assure your safety throughout your detox.
Our detox program is not a one-size-fits-all regimen. We customize detox plans and timelines based on round-the-clock care and monitoring. Clients complete the detox phase of treatment based on reaching individual milestones, not the number of days.
At Compass Recovery, our detox programs prioritize your safety, health, and wellness. For the rest of your stay, you will work with our specialists on self-discovery, therapy, mental and physical health, and relapse prevention.

Methadone Detox

Unlike other facilities, we specialize in admitting clients who taking doses of methadone that would normally disqualify them from other treatment programs. We support these clients as they are medically assisted through gradual detoxification from methadone using buprenorphine.

Our goal is to empower clients to live fulfilling lives free of the bonds of any substance.

Mental Health Detox

Similar to drug detox, a mental health detox could be the appropriate next step toward preparing for effective dual diagnosis treatment. We have the experience to stabilize severe mental health conditions to start clients on their path to lasting recovery. We specialize in helping those whose mental health conditions prevent them from maintaining the sobriety they want and need.

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