What to Expect

Customized Addiction Treatment in Cypress and Costa Mesa, CA
We treat “the whole you” from day one.

Find Your Way Back to Life, One Day at a Time

At Compass Recovery, we promote the philosophy of “live one day at a time.” When you first enter our doors, you can expect a level of support, hope, and compassion that you will find only here.
Here, you can expect to gain support from others and share your support for everyone around you. Within this balance is the foundation of your newfound health and wellbeing.
We encourage you to have a new experience every day and gain a strengthened perspective of your own mindfulness.

Treatment at Compass Recovery

Compass Recovery specializes in helping our clients prepare for effective treatment and recovery. We have years of experience delivering personalized drug detox and dual diagnosis treatment.
We focus our individualized treatment plans on your passion, goals, engagement, and successful detox and transformation.
Some of the treatments that you may engage in include:
Other specialized therapeutic models at Compass Recovery include:

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