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Learn Recovery Skills Away from Home

Gaining the skills for lasting recovery is nothing short of a lifestyle change from the inside out. Residential addiction treatment at Compass Recovery is an excellent opportunity for clients to remove themselves from the struggles and destructive patterns of their everyday lives and to focus 100% on becoming the person they want to be.

Early recovery is a vulnerable time for those who have just completed a drug detox. We understand the difficulties of carving out a new life without drugs or alcohol. We provide clients with a safe and supportive environment where we guide everything from strengthening a healthy mindset to ultimately getting out and finding the fun and beauty in recovery

Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When a person struggles with mental health and addiction, treating the co-occurring conditions or the cross addiction (food, gaming, shopping, sex/relationship, gambling) at the same time is vital to a lifelong successful recovery. Our team of experts are licensed and experienced to cater to the specific needs of those with a dual diagnosis. We specialize in addiction treatment for those also struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, and more.

Residential Program Overview

At Compass Recovery, we provide state-licensed detox and are credentialed through ASAM. Our 27/7 nursing staff will give you around-the-clock care. 

Every individualized treatment plan starts with a proper assessment of your unique needs. Our team of experts spends time with each incoming client to get to know you and your story. Once we understand your condition, we can then develop the most effective treatment plan for you.

Each treatment plan is unique to the needs of each client. We customize each of the following services as appropriate for the most effective treatment:

Effective Therapeutic Modalities

Residential addiction treatment clients at Compass Recovery benefit from a holistic approach to daily recovery and healing. Some therapies we utilize for whole-person wellness include:

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