Orange County Detox Centers

Focus on Long Term Sobriety

Located in the peaceful community of Orange County, California, Compass Recovery is just minutes from the spectacular Orange County beaches and an hour and a half from the Mountains.  Our moderate climate allows you the opportunity to get out and enjoy the beaches and walking trails year-round.  This setting is the perfect respite from the busy world, allowing you to focus on getting well.  This allows for that pause in life, away from drugs and alcohol, to build a firm foundation and focus on long term sobriety.

Orange County, California is known as a mecca for addiction treatment centers. Perhaps it’s our sunshine and location near popular beaches and tourist destinations. Perhaps it’s because California is thought of as a place for self-discovery which values healthy lifestyles and well-being. Among Orange County detox centers, Compass Recovery stands alone for our individualized treatment in detox and inpatient and for our ability to treat the underlying cause for addiction, reducing the chances of relapse.

The staff of Compass Recovery values life. Every individual deserves respect and love and to be treated as an individual. Our customized addiction treatment plans take a holistic approach, treating the whole body, mind, and spirit. We treat the addiction as well as co-occurring disorders, such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar/Mood Disorders, OCD, Phobias, and Personality Disorders.  Our focus on physical well-being, healthy food, and effective therapy helps to recharge the spirit and mind, leading to long term sobriety.  We encourage clients to seek out their spirituality through Yoga, body works/massage, nature walks and church to get connected to themselves and their high power.

We invite you to contact us today to ask us any questions you may have about our individualized addiction treatment program and how our Orange County detox center can help you find your way back into life.

No matter where you are from, you will find that our location in Orange County serves as the perfect destination for those who are weary from a life of addiction and wish to bring their life back into focus, with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. It’s in this serene, yet fun, environment that you will feel free to enjoy the pleasures of long term sobriety that can be found in physical activity and the contemplation of nature.