Helping You Change The Course of Your Life

About Compass Recovery in Cypress and Costa Mesa, CA
Specialized in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We are Ready to Help You 24 Hours a Day

At Compass Recovery, our treatments begin with your phone call. Our phone lines are open 24/7.
We know that the need for detox and addiction treatment does not wait for regular business hours.
We have based our successful drug and alcohol recovery treatment programs, and our mental health based residential stays at our facility, on our inspiration to instill compassion and hope within our clients.

Our Positive Psychology Treatment Philosophy

The professionals and the expertise of our treatment specialists make us a highly recommended rehabilitation program in the Orange County area. Our emphasis on positive psychology in treatment helps clients build resilience in recovery.
We approach treatment with utmost compassion for the client’s journey on a daily basis. We believe the most effective healing happens when we meet clients where they are and take the next steps forward from there. We know that early recovery holds difficult days, and we are here to support you through these vulnerable times.
We help clients see far beyond abstinence to find their purpose and passions in life.
This is crucial to successful recovery as it gives clients the vital life goals that make life fulfilling. We help every client identify their personal strengths and interests, and support them as they develop their own sense of healthy, sustainable living.

Values We Hold
for Successful Recovery


We nurture a non-judgmental environment for our clients. We believe this is the best way for clients to overcome any destructive thought patterns and grow into a healthy and self-loving mindset. We have so much hope for each of our clients, and compassion is how we communicate that hope.


A sense of identity is an essential part of treatment and recovery. When a person struggles with addiction or mental health, they often resign themselves to nothing more than that. We know that each client is so much more than their struggles. We ask each client about the kind of person they want to be and help them work toward becoming that person.
While in treatment at Compass Recovery, we peel away negative thoughts and destructive patterns, growing toward positive psychology, redefining core values and building strength of character. Clients can expect to receive generous support as they work on self-acceptance and self-love.


Unconditional love is a pillar of our program. We know how addiction can put a painful strain on relationships. While clients are in treatment at Compass Recovery, we focus on showing clients that they are worthy of healthy, loving relationships. We invite all of our clients to home-cooked, family-style lunches and dinners where they can connect with staff and clients alike over nutritious meals. The conversations we have at mealtime are fun, creative, and personal, providing selfexpression and connection opportunities.


Physical movement is vital to a fulfilling life in recovery. We encourage all of our clients to connect with their bodies and get moving on a daily basis. Sometimes that movement is merely getting out of bed. Sometimes it’s walking and yoga on the beach – every day is a new opportunity to listen to your body and find happiness in movement.

Expert and Caring Staff

Our enriched environment and the unconditional support that stems from our experts become priceless features of the hope and wellness born at Compass Recovery. Our team is carefully selected to provide exceptional care for those struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.
With solid credentials, real-life experience, deep understanding, and a commitment to evidence-based treatment, we are ready to help you or someone you love.

Our Treatment Facility

We cater every aspect of our treatment facility to your comfort. Our licensed residential environment provides clients with healing spaces for peaceful rest, nutritious meals, and building healthy relationships. We frequently take advantage of our proximity to the beach with individual and group sessions on the beach as appropriate. The calming impact of the waves and sand is undeniable and helps clients focus on the most effective healing during your time with us.

Healing for Men and Women

At Compass Recovery, we provide separate housing facilities for both women and men to adhere to their gender-specific needs of recovery.

Approximately 25-50% of our group gatherings are co-ed. We also offer one meal a day where men and women residents can dine together. All co-ed interactions are based upon the individualized circumstances and needs of each resident.