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Find Your Purpose in Recovery

Drug Detox, Addiction, and Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Locations in Costa Mesa and Cypress, CA

Fully Individualized Healing Programs

Addiction is a deeply personal condition. Compass Recovery delivers effective treatment for your unique journey, offering unconditional love in a safe environment.
We specialize in helping men and women that struggle with severe mental health conditions along with addiction.
Located just a few minutes from the beach, we help men and women of all ages detox and recover from drugs and alcohol by uncovering and healing underlying issues.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Compass Recovery offers individualized programs for:

Specialized in Mental Health Stabilization

We understand that mental health issues can prevent people from staying sober.
Our approach to dual diagnosis sets us apart with customized treatment plans and timelines that cater to the underlying needs of people struggling with addiction.
Some of the co-occurring mental health conditions that we specialize in treating include:

Life at Compass Recovery

At Compass Recovery, we introduce you to an enriched therapeutic environment with a team that believes in values, compassion, and non-judgmental approaches to treatment.
Imagine a life created with purpose.

At Compass Recovery, you will be less than 10 miles from the
California coastline. During your stay, you will be invited to therapeutic hikes on the beach, you will recognize supportive people all around you, and you will enjoy great food at every meal.

About Compass Recovery

Compass Recovery is licensed by the state of California as a social model subacute detox treatment center. We are certified to provide incidental medical services (IMS) to assure client safety. A psychiatrist and addiction specialists are available and responsive 24 hours a day.
We exist to meet people where they are on their journey and give them the tools they need to succeed in recovery.