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Addiction Treatment Programs in Orange County, CA
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Specialized in Dual Diagnosis Stabilization and Treatment

We specialize in the treatment of individuals with co-occurring or dual diagnosis mental health disorders and addiction.
Compass Recovery is a licensed social model subacute detox residential treatment facility that focuses on stabilization, positive psychology, and healing the whole person.
Some of the co-occurring mental health conditions that we specialize in treating include:

Safe Drug Detox

Our detox team consists of experts, doctors, and providers that focus on treating underlying mental health disorders that are sometimes seen inseparable with problems of addiction.

Within the first week, you will work side by side with our counselors, psychiatrists, and specialists to ensure that your detox goes smoothly and that you are 100% safe. We specialize in detoxes, whether it be psychiatric medications, alcohol, fentanyl, methamphetamines, methadone, or other substances.

At Compass Recovery, we have a 27/7 nursing staff to give you around-the-clock care. We provide state-licensed detox and are credentialed through ASAM.

We are known for our niche in preparing individuals for treatment.

Residential Treatment

Transforming Yourself After Finding Yourself

Compass Recovery offers exceptional treatment in an enriched homelike setting in Orange County, California.
We take the undeniable beauty of our proximity to the California coastline and use it as a private retreat for individuals to find their spirituality and the beginning of their wellness and sobriety. – shorten me Our California location is the perfect harbor to allow you the pause from your life that you need.

Transforming Yourself After Finding Yourself

At Compass Recovery, we focus on the process of healing and transitioning back into a life outside of our facility. We have housing facilities for both women and men to adhere to their gender-specific needs of recovery.

Approximately 25-50% of our group gatherings are co-ed. We also offer one meal a day where men and women residents can dine together. All co-ed interactions are based upon the individualized circumstances and needs of each resident.

Staying with us puts you under the unforgettable scenery, sunrises, and sunsets in which we know of as our home.

Program Overview

Every individual that we treat at Compass Recovery progresses through an assessment to treatment to an aftercare plan. We customize treatment plans according to your health, needs, and goals at intake and throughout your time with us and beyond.

Our Treatment Services

At Compass Recovery, we are experts in treating alcohol use, substance abuse, and mental health disorders. We provide treatment options that come from our combined years of experience.
At Compass Recovery, we offer several therapeutic specialty programs, including:

Evidence-Based Therapies

The therapeutic basis behind the care that we give differ for every individual. The therapeutic models that make up our programs include:

Holistic Modalities

The models at the base of your treatment at Compass Recovery are also based on effective teachings and techniques of: