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Life at Compass Recovery
Addiction and Mental Health Treatment in Orange County

Prepare for Treatment with Compassionate Positivity

When you choose addiction treatment that focuses on providing you with a home base for recovery, you leave behind the anxiety of taking on a new life alone.
Lasting recovery comes from treatment built on a strong foundation of health, support, and mindful awareness for positive life changes.

Safe Detox with Daily
Medication Management

At Compass Recovery, we have a 27/7 nursing staff to give you around-the-clock care. We provide state-licensed detox and are credentialed through ASAM.

We make your first days of recovery as comfortable as possible. We provide a safe and supportive environment with round-the-clock monitoring and daily medication management. We meet you where you are on a daily basis to help you take your next step forward toward lasting recovery.

Holistic Support for Your Journey to Wellness

When you are recovering from addiction and mental health disorders, finding support becomes a foundational part of your life and the recovery process. That is why we build our daily program around meeting with you and providing the setting and countless opportunities for you to connect with members of your treatment team and others that are working on their own recovery.
Every day we structure our treatment programs around your needs and individual goals.
We work to tailor your treatment to invite you to engage in relationships with others and to express your own support for others to flourish.
Every day we invite you to opportunities to engage with others through:

Individualized Therapies for Your Healing

At Compass Recovery, we use sensitive therapeutic interventions to strengthen recovery from addiction and mental health conditions.
Some of the therapeutic models that we use include:

We Hold High Values

We hold ourselves to family values of acceptance, compassion, and nurturing the growth of your best self. We work to help you stabilize, begin recovery, and support you in your fresh start to the rest of your life.

What to Expect

At Compass Recovery, we help you see beyond the goal of ending your struggles with addiction and mental health.
We guide you to find purpose in your recovery, and that purpose can fuel a life that is better than you may be able to imagine right now.
We are ready to meet you where you are and help you overcome the barriers to the life you want to live.

Gender-Specific Treatment

The healing journey will be different for every individual, and gender can play a significant role in overcoming the throngs of addiction. At Compass Recovery, we take into account the specialized healing processes of both men and women.

Approximately 25-50% of our group gatherings are co-ed depending. At least one meal a day can be co-ed as well. All interactions between men and women are crafted based on a resident’s circumstances and their specific healing needs.

We also provide separate women and men’s housing facilities so that residents can focus on the process of healing. Our goal is to help patients transition back into life outside of the facility.

Supportive Family Lifestyle

Compass Recovery is a family-oriented treatment center focused on healing relationships with oneself and creating your personal support network.
Our family-style mealtimes allow you to share and receive support from those around you.
These valuable opportunities provide the setting for unforgettable interactions and experiences during your stay

Our Facility

Our Orange County treatment facility is a private
and comfortable setting and encourages clients to
soak in the natural beauty all around. We help our
clients take advantage of the natural beauty of
Orange County and the California coastline. You provide
unconditional love to help you bring stability and
passion to your life in recovery. You can regularly
find our staff and clients at the beach for peaceful
walks or intimate group sessions.