Safe and Supportive Family Environment

Orange County Addiction Treatment Facility

Locations in Costa Mesa and Cypress, CA

Space to Nurture Early Recovery

Our facility invites you to live in a plush and enriched home. At the same time, you receive care from well-respected and licensed treatment providers, including a psychiatrist and addictionologist, nurses, therapists, and case managers
Unlike many other detox facilities in California,
We specialize in treating severe mental health conditions along with underlying addiction.
Our unique and mindful approach to individualized trauma-informed care sets us apart from other residential treatment providers.

Men and Women Healing Facilities

We offer separate housing facilities for both women and men so they can heal according to their gender-specific needs.

Men and women can intermix as approximately 25-50% of our group gatherings are co-ed. We also offer one meal a day where men and women residents can dine together. All co-ed interactions are based upon the individualized circumstances and needs of each resident.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a therapeutic approach to treatment that focuses on what is going right for you and helps you better understand where you are empowered. Positive psychology can be difficult to sustain when struggling with addiction. Perhaps that is why this approach is so effective. We use positive psychology at Compass Recovery to cultivate hope and compassion.
We help you realize your worth and to help you gain a new vision and purpose in life.
At Compass Recovery, we also invite you to surround yourself with safety and support early in your recovery and throughout your treatment. When you are supported, you are mindful, and only then can you take steps in a new direction with confidence. To begin your path to recovery, talk with us today. The work to begin a new life begins with us, and it starts here.

Life at Compass Recovery

At Compass Recovery, we provide you with a protected setting close to the California coastline to discover your purpose in life. Life at Compass Recovery is an inviting and life-changing experience for you.

Our treatment allows the pause of an overwhelming life that you need.
At our location in Orange County, we promote for you to begin a new life with a revitalized take on the essence of wellness, spirituality, and self-acceptance.

About Our Programs

Compass Recovery is a 24-hour drug/alcohol addiction and mental health treatment facility. Our specialty is individualized residential rehabilitation, monitoring, and around the clock care. We specialize in treating co-occurring or dual diagnosis mental health issues that may seem to be inseparable from substance or alcohol dependence issues.
We customize every treatment plan to the unique needs of each client.
Overall, our programs highlight the importance of relationships, movement, and your spiritual transformation.