What To Expect at Compass Recovery

A Guide to Inpatient Treatment at Compass Recovery

It can seem like your life is playing out like a movie, where the bad scenes keep repeating over and over again. The scenes that are playing repeatedly involve your drug addiction.

Stop pressing rewind on your addiction—It’s time to hit the pause button instead.

By enrolling in an inpatient recovery program at Compass Recovery, you will be given the pause on your current life that is needed to break the cycle of addiction, and move forward with a positive life energy and renewed set of goals and objectives. You’ll discover your life purpose once again, and what it’s like to break free from the horrific chains of addiction.

To prepare for your admission and the ultimate success of your new life, here’s a helpful guide on what to expect from the inpatient treatment program at Compass Recovery.

Day 1

Admission to our inpatient program begins in our Admission Office. It may be helpful during this process to bring a picture ID and your insurance and prescription information to expedite the process. During this initial phase of your admission, your valuables, such as a phone, laptop, wallet, and others, will be placed in our safe for protection until you’re ready to regain access to them shortly after you settle in.

Immediately after, you will be seen by a skilled member of our experienced medical staff for a full history and physical exam concerning your goals for your treatment stay and medications to assist with those goals. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, and in-turn, the physician will ask some of their own in order to determine how our program can be customized to best suit your individual needs.

After this evaluation, you will be driven to our inpatient home, where you will be greeted by our courteous and accommodating staff, and given a tour of the spacious and welcoming grounds. This is where you will prepare for your stay—a necessary pause from life—to acquire the tools to repair your body, mind, and spirit.

You’ll notice the residences are extremely comfortable and well-appointed with modern amenities and decorative finishes. Outside, we are only minutes from the world-renowned beaches of Orange County. Inside and out, Compass Recovery provides you with the ideal environment to get well again.


The first step on your road to recovery will be the detox process. In addition to being the first step, the detox process may also be the most crucial one. Therefore, you will be seen by on-site medical and clinical staff every day during this time, which may include a seven-day blackout period. This is a short period of time when we don’t allow phone calls to clients who are new to inpatient treatment. In order to truly hit the pause button, it’s necessary to remove some of the external factors that may be contributing to your addiction. However, clients are allowed to make phone calls to family or other sources of support who are approved by their case manager. One exception to the rule is that clients with young children may contact them on a daily basis throughout the detox process in order to successfully maintain their relationship. The blackout period also serves as a good opportunity to bond with other members of the community living in the inpatient home, who may be going through some of the same issues and serve as an excellent support system.

As soon as you are well enough, our staff will encourage you to get physically active and participate in as many social activities as you can. Our continued success has been largely due to our philosophy of getting patients moving and staying active, which helps to greatly reduce their potentially severe anxiety and varying forms of depression.

During this critical phase of your recovery, you can also expect to work closely with valuable on-site medical and psychological personnel, while getting used to a healthy diet and physical activity. You will be participating in various group and individual therapy sessions that align with your recovery process. At the same time, a case manager will be assisting you six out of seven days per week, as well as being on-call for any immediate and on-going needs you may have.


The rest of your inpatient recovery program will be focused on learning and using the skills to adjust to your life beyond the confines of Compass Recovery. We believe in slowly integrating our patients back into society because a gradual process is proven to be the best way for patients to deal with any precursors or enablers to their addictive behavior in the past. Slowly releasing the pause button is undoubtedly the best action for long-term success and continued sobriety.

While staying in the residences at Compass, you’ll have access to phone calls, as well as a computer while you slowly implement a new lifestyle that features a healthier and happier body, mind, and spirit. There’s a Jacuzzi available to soothe sore muscles and body aches that can occur, especially during detox. You’ll also have access to a state-of-the-art gym. Many patients discover that they can replace the artificially-induced and destructive endorphin rush of a high from drug use, with a naturally-inspired and rewarding endorphin rush from exercise. We whole-heartedly recommend making use of this aspect of our program if you find this helps you.

Every Friday we invite our patients to participate in an outing that can be beneficial in satisfying the social needs of your rehabilitation, and Saturdays we go to the beach or a local park for a healthy exercise routine. There are also nightly 12-step meetings and alternative meetings available to patients depending on their individual requirements.

Next Steps

Some of our patients choose to enroll in an outpatient program directly after an inpatient stay. This helps by providing support as you adjust to a hopeful future without drugs or alcohol.

Once you depart from your inpatient recovery program at Compass Recovery, you should be fully prepared to release the pause button, and get back to your life; only this time, it will be with a renewed whole self.

Your body will be free from the damaging physical effects of drug use.

Your mind will be free from the vicious psychological ups and downs of addiction.

And, your spirit will be ready to fly again, with a renewed purpose full of worthwhile goals and fulfilling objectives.

If you’ve been held captive by the restrictive chains of drug addiction for too long, and are ready to break free, please contact us today at Compass Recovery. We can discuss your unique situation, challenges, and obstacles, as we answer any questions you may have about how our inpatient treatment program can help you.

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