How Trauma Therapy Aids in Drug Abuse Recovery

To make a lasting recovery from substance abuse, you need to know where your problem originates from first. Addiction is a complex, chronic condition that didn’t just manifest overnight. For most people struggling with recovery from its crippling clutches, it was a much longer process that may be the result of a singular traumatic event or a string of longer lasting psychologically challenging circumstances, perhaps even over the course of a lifetime. We at Compass Recovery realise that drug addiction is usually secondary to trauma or other experiences that wound the core and authentic versions of ourself; drug and alcohol use was the way that we got through those unbearable times.

Trauma is the single most common link to drug addiction. For example, many veterans return home from witnessing a barrage of atrocities overseas while fighting for the American dream, only to endure an adjustment period back to “normal” life, which may seem more like the American nightmare. Some soldiers turn to alcohol, while others look to heroin and various opioids in a misguided attempt to “cope” with the depression, anxiety, phobias, and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The sad truth is that you don’t need to be a veteran of a foreign war to suffer trauma because trauma can ensue from a variety of other abusive and threatening circumstances involved in everyday life. Particularly painful memories from childhood, adolescence, and even adulthood can stir the stew of emotions that cause trauma, and drug and alcohol abuse is often the result of an attempt to overcome it.

Everyone’s trauma is different and everyone’s addiction is different. You are who you are because of the vivid, complex, and exact string of events that have led you to this point. Mistakes were made, and now you’ve decided to own them and get your life back on track through an effective drug recovery program. Congratulations, because better times are ahead.

At Compass Recovery in Orange County, CA, we understand the uniqueness behind everyone’s trauma and addiction. We have a full staff of medical and psychological professionals, as well as case managers ready to help you now. Our highly-successful inpatient treatment program includes a proven-effective form of trauma therapy for our clients who need it. We are prepared to offer you this treatment as a way of replacing that misguided “coping” mechanism of drug use with a renewed passion and purpose for life.

Once our assistance helps you to realize that drug and alcohol abuse can only exacerbate your trauma and other negative influences in your life, you’ll soon discover the wonders and positivity of the world around you, as well as the uniqueness of the limitless potential within yourself. The strangest part of discovering those things, however, is that they’ve always been there; we’re just going to help you to see them more clearly.